Here at Computer Improvements we offer New and Used Computers along with award winning service.

Our desktops are custom built in house based off your computing needs. Many of the desktops Mark has built have lasted our customers 13 years or more. With a custom built desktop you have the options to upgrade in the future with larger hard drives, memory, video cards, and even processors. Many of the big box systems are built around the processor you choose as you are building and that is where they max out!

Laptops are ordered special for you based off screen size and usage. Our Dell and Lenovo laptops have been amazing reliable units and if those are 2 brands you are not looking for we can get just what you want.

Sit down with anyone of us and let us know what you are using your system for and we will suggest just the right system for you with room to grow!!!

Are you looking for a backup solution for your computer or computers?

Acronis Cyber Protect is a great solution. Whether you have a laptop or desktop, a Windows PC or Mac this program works great for backing all of your system up incase of any hardware failure. It also works with you mobile devices!

This program allows you to do a local backup or a cloud backup so you can make sure all those important documents or photos are some place safe.

Click the image below to read more about Acronis and purchase.

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